Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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Let's start with the basics...
You've probably figured this out by now, but we're Brandon and Amanda. 

What's your name? *

Nice to meet you, {{answer_9542438}}! What is your partner's name? *

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Now the fun stuff. 

Tell us about this wedding you are planning. Don't forget to mention your wedding date and venue. *

What are your biggest priorities when planning your wedding day?

Staying on budget *

Planning a day that is relaxing and fun for us and our guests *

Finding a photographer who's just right for us *

A delicious menu *

Details like our flowers, invitations, and shoes *

And how could you forget:

We custom-build wedding packages for each of our couples. What extras are you interested in including in yours? *

Don't forget, all of our couples get a complimentary engagement session and all day wedding coverage!

We'd love to set up a face-to-face with you two to talk over details. In general, what works best for you? *


You're almost there. 

We know this is the internet and all, but since you two are real humans with a real story, we want to make this a bit more personal.

Tell us a little bit of your story. 

Maybe how you met or how you got engaged... or the thing that gets you two laughing every time... or your favorite way to spend time together. (Netflix binging? Just us?) *

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